Designer & Front-end Developer

I like to have fun, and what I do gives fun.

Hello, I'm Kevin Karma.

What I am today is a result from mixture of skills. Skills includes - fast learner - understand the pattern of design - Design to code conversion - Know the value of opportunity. Lesson learn so far - Respect comes of giving - Love come of sharing - success comes from doing what you love.

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  • Java
  • XML
  • OODB
  • Android Studio
  • Firebase
  • Google API


React native

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  • HTML5
  • CSS3(Grid)
  • Javascript(ES6)
  • ReactJS(props,state)
  • Bootstrap4
  • Firebase



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  • Photoshop
  • Video Editing
  • Git
  • Python(LvL.1)
  • MySQL(LvL.2)
  • Hardware



My Recent Work

Few of my projects. Want to see more, visit github

Android mobile app for finding street parking space using Google map API and Firebase for user authentication and GPS locations.
Tools: Java, Android Studio, Google API, Firebase, Photoshop, Git

React application for image/video search. State & props, handling event & input, API request, building list of records, DOM access
Tools: ReactJS, Visual Studio Code, Command line, npm

Android mobile app, which list top downloaded app from Apple store. Activity life cycle, XML, List, Custom Adapter, Async
Tools: Java, Android Studio, XML, RSS

Relational Database find and resolve data errors. MySQL, Filtering,Queries, Joins, normalization, ER Diagram
Tools: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL